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Aims and values


Make things safe, aesthetic, functional and reliable

Offer the highest quality, nature and user friendly product at the optimum price, that meets the real needs of customers

Create trends and innovative solutions


  • We are determined to be the best in terms of our operation.
  • We are involved, motivated, taking challenges people.


  • We operate safely, ethically and legally.
  • We care about the current and future needs of team members.
  • We take responsibility for our work, behaving in an open, honest and truthful way.
  • We treat each other with respect and build trust, realizing what we promised to do.
  • We are the people who think prospectively, creatively, flexibly and innovatively.
  • We encourage all of our employees to create the best ideas and we appreciate the values of multiple perspectives and different specializations.
  • We are looking for the best talents, and we support continuous improvement and development.
  • We pass our aims and expectations in a transparent way.
  • We carry out the process of continuous improvement and respond vigorously to changes.
  • We want to look after our short-, medium- and long-term business needs.