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About us

 The history of our company began in the garage ... and we are proud of it.

  • Lesko Engineering is inseparably connected with its owner - Leszek Seroczyński, whose first contacts with the printing industry were related to the distribution, and later also with the production of labels. In the course of label production there appeared a necessity of fast rewinding of material from one role to the other while refining the material. After in-depth analysis of the market, it turned out that no company was able to offer the machine that Lesko exactly needed.
  • This moment was a breakthrough, because it forced Mr. Seroczyński to construct and manufacture his own machine to measure needs of his business. It was a time when the first Lesko rewinder was built.
  • Since then, the development of Lesko Engineering has been intensifying dynamically. The success of the first machine and the huge interest in the field of packaging and labels resulted in numerous of orders and the need of change the line of business from the production of labels to production of machines. Year to year Lesko Engineering portfolio has increased by new products, machines with greater functionality and with improved performance. We constantly strive to increase the quality and usability of our machines to fully satisfy each customer with the machine operation.
  • Machines that left our factory work successfully in 64 countries on all continents. We have completed over 500 installations of dedicated devices. Lesko Engineering employs more than 40 people, mostly engineers and specialists who take care of your orders to meet all the standards and users needs.
  • Although the company has been developing rapidly, since its foundation there is one thing that has not changed - a catchword accompanying the construction of the first rewinder and connected with it approach to each order:
Build a machine accurately to measure the needs of the user.
  • Despite more than 500 machines built by us, you will not find two the same among them. Our domain is an individual approach to each order. We are not afraid of challenges what we have proved many times carrying a completely custom projects for companies in the electronics and pharmaceutical industries.
Hundreds of companies trusted us and based their production on our machines - trust us you too!

Lesko Engineering

Power of Flexibility